Hello,I'm Hatim, and I make apps for the internet.

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I like to dabble in code and design.

I've been developing since I was a kid, it all started out with "apps" built in Visual Basic. Now, I design and develop web-apps with minimal design, subtle colors, and a fantastic user experience. I am a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science. In college, I spend most of my time quite literally breaking algorithms and training neural nets. I also am a stickler for details, dedicated to photography. Coffee, videogames, and music are also some of the topics you can use to start a conversation with me.


Apps I've Made.
November 2019

A centralized web-based solution for stock-management and invoicing for a local business based in Kuwait.

March 2020

Reviewd, is a video game review aggregator that brings the top critics in gaming all in one place. The reviews are collected from the top publications in gaming, such as IGN, GameSpot, Polygon, and Eurogamer.

January 2020

A social media app for the alumni of colleges under the Directorate of Higher Education, Goa. The project was written in Java and JSP and was built during The Smart India Hackathon.